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5 Best Quietest Chinchilla Wheels (That are Safe)

When searching for a wheel for your chinchilla you need to look for a wheel that offers safety and durability. If your chinchilla is near your bedroom or living space you may also want to consider looking for a wheel that is quiet.

Here a list of the best chinchillas wheels on the market.

15″ Chin Spin – Chinchilla Wheel 

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This is a very popular chinchilla wheel that uses a combination of metal and wood.

It is a safe open wheel design with a wide surface for running and It can durably mounts to a variety of wire cages.


  • Built to last a lifetime
  • It keeps your chinchilla safe since there is no plastic which can be detrimental.
  • It can be easily attached to a wide range of wire cages.
  • There is a 100% guarantee on satisfaction and a one-year warranty.
  • There is a wide surface for running which is healthy for your furry friend’s health.
  • The front edge is smooth with no rough edges that can cut your pet


  • The wheel is large and takes up a lot of room. You need to have a wide cage with enough space.
  • It is more expensive than most wheels.
  • It might not be silent if your chinchilla is very active.
  • The wheel can be heavy for some cages.

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Exotic Nutrition Metal Flying Saucer Wheel 

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This saucer wheel is made to offer your pet chinchilla comfort. It is designed with ball bearings that are silent.

It is chew proof and is manufactured with non-toxic powder. It requires learning for your chinchilla to use but will not cause your furry friend spinal injury.

This wheel applies the ball bearing technology in it manufacture and is chew proof for your pet chinchilla.

It is durable and possesses a flat running surface; this helps to prevent curvature of the spine for your chinchilla.


  • It is made from durable metal.
  • The surface has round edges which your pet can grip so as not to slip off.
  • It emits little sound to zero sound
  • It has no center axel; this prevents your pet from hitting it while running
  • It is easy to clean
  • It has a flat running surface and prevents spine curvature
  • It is chew proof for your chinchilla.
  • It uses ball bearing technology which allows smooth quiet enjoyment for your pet chinchilla
  • It is large


  • It requires a learning curve
  • It does not mount to a cage wall but comes with a cage stand
  • It is expensive
  • Some owners complained that it was loud contrary to the silent quality claimed
  • Some owners complained that although their chinchilla loved it, it broke too quickly.

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Exotic Nutrition 15” Chin-Sprint

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This wheel is totally constructed from metal and has an open-faced design and a running surface of 16”.

It also employs dual ball bearings that enable the wheel to spin at a fast and smooth pace with a silent sound.


  • The all metal material cannot be chewed upon, crack or absorb any odors and so it is quite durable for your pet.
  • It has a 15” diameter which prevents your chinchilla against the curvature of the spine.
  • The tail of your furry friend will not get entangled because of the axel-free construction method applied.
  • It is relatively quiet


  • The price is high

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Quality Cage Crafters 15” Chin Spin

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This wheel is a combination of metal and wood. It has been created to be easily mounted to a wire and thus can be directly attached on the cage wall.

There is no center axel on the wheel as thus avoids the risk of a tail or spine injury.


  • The wheel possesses a wide running surface; this is perfect for your little furry friend
  • There are no plastic materials there is no health risks if your pet tries to chew the wheel
  • It can be easily attached to your wire cage
  • It comes with a 100% satisfaction guarantee


  • It is expensive to purchase
  • The wheel is not totally silent but creates a minor noise

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Angel Wheel Large Metal 16″ Quiet Chinchilla Exercise Wheel

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This product is designed like a large pie dish and can be very silent. The wheel is made of a material that enables your pet to have a grip when exercising so they will not slip. It also cannot be chewed.


  • It is large and creates plenty space for your pet chinchilla
  • It is designed to help your pet exercise without falling or getting hurt


  • Due to its large size, some owners advise measuring one’s cage before making a purchase

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Why Do Chinchillas Need Exercise Wheels?

For your pet chinchilla to live a healthy and long life, it needs to have some rounds of exercise to stay sharp and energetic and avoids them becoming lazy.

Because they get bored quite easily the wheels can be a form of entertainment for them. They can run at any time they choose on the wheels.

These wheels, if built with good material and with a non-slippery surface, can help prevent your furry friend from getting injured.

Also, these wheels contribute to giving them a healthy routine which keeps them healthy.

Are Exercise Wheels Safe?

Depending on the design and material used in the construction, exercise wheels are generally safe for your pet chinchilla.

When selecting a wheel for these pets, it is important to consider the texture of the surface. These animals have soft and tender feet and thus you must be sure the material used is not harmful to them.

The wheels also need to have a grip so the pets do not slip every time they run. This can cause problems for them and is not safe.

The wheels should not have metal wires which are extremely dangerous for the paws of your pet chinchilla as they have a high tendency of getting them stuck and this can cause serious damage.

You should also pay attention to the edges of the wheel and be sure they are not rough or sharp so your chinchilla can safely enter and exit the wheel.

What is the Best Material for a Chinchilla Exercise Wheel?

There are majorly three materials used to create a typical chinchilla wheel and they are: wood, metal, and plastic. At times it is a mixture of two like in the case of the Chinchilla Wheel 15” Chin Spin which is a mix of wood and metal.

Some are made to be heavy duty and others are made to be light.

Deciding the best material to purchase for your pet chinchilla depends on a number of factors: the size of the wire cage, the weight of the chinchilla and the affordability of your choice.

You must avoid materials that can be easily chewed by your pet and also make sure you bolt the wheels properly either to the wire cages or the stands.

Some owners like plastic wheels because they are easy to set up most times and are also light; some owners prefer metal wheels because of their durability and others prefer the wooden ones because of their stronger connection to nature.

How Big Should a Chinchilla Exercise Wheel Be?

Most of the time, the size of the exercise wheel depends on the size of your chinchilla.  Some manufacturers make wheels that vary in sizes from small to medium to large.

It is advised however to buy a large chinchilla wheel that has at least a diameter of 14 to 16 inches. This gives your pet plenty of space to have their exercise and avoid injuries to their back muscles and spine.

This size is especially great for adult chinchillas.

If you have a small chinchilla, you can purchase a 12″ wheel for use as it grows although you might have to change it once it reaches adulthood. Generally 12″ is way too small for an adult chinchilla and they can hurt themselves by using it.

Does My Chinchilla Still Need Exercise Out of the Cage if They Have a Wheel?

When buying a pet chinchilla, you need to understand that they are active and crepuscular animals which have the freedom to move about freely when in the wild.

As an owner of this pet, you need to be able to mimic this free environment by letting your pet out of the wheel to run around as it pleases.

At times, pet chinchillas can view their cage as a form of imprisonment and this can cause certain rash behavior, you should, therefore, allow your pet of move around a number of times; it is advised to let them run out of their cage at least one or two hours in a night.

Since they have long memories and stick to their routine, they will keep to the program you prepare for them outside their cage. This free environment also builds a healthy trust relationship between you and your pet.

Related Questions:

Do chinchillas need exercise wheels? An exercise wheel isn’t mandatory but is a great investment for your chinchilla as it will provide them something to do when they’re in their cage.

How long should chinchillas exercise? You should be playing with them for at least an hour when they are most active, which is usually in the evenings.

What do chinchillas play with? Chinchillas enjoy playing with chew toys such as wooden blocks as it helps keep their teeth short. Chinchilla’s teeth are constantly growing. They also enjoy an exercise wheel and human interaction.

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