15 Best Treats for Rabbits: Buyers Guide

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Feeding your rabbit right is a priority of all responsible owners. Every now and again though you will want to give your rabbit a treat for their excellent behavior.

It can be tough to pick out good treats for your rabbit. Many treats on the market are completely unhealthy, or a rabbit might just turn there nose up at them.

Below are 15 of the best treats to feed your rabbit.

Vita Rabbit Drops

Vita is a trusted brand in pet care that strives to make healthy food for your rabbit. Vita treats can be found in most pet store, making them easily accessible no matter where you live.

Vita drops come in several different flavors to please even the pickiest bunnies. They have no unnatural coloring added in that could be potentially harmful to your pet.

The drops are made out of plants, berries, and yogurt. It’s recommended that this treat only be given once a weekly at the most. As an added bonus the bag reseals.


  • Resealable Bag
  • No Artificial Coloring
  • Easy To Find


  • Must Use In Small Amounts

Kaytee Timothy Biscuits Baked Apple Treat

Kaytee is another major brand known for being a leader in the small animal industry. Timothy biscuits are a healthy treat that is made with fruits to attract your rabbit.

Timothy biscuits have been suppressed to encourage your pet to chew for longer. This helps make our treats the perfect choice for rabbits with dental needs.

The biscuits are made out of real apples and baked to perfection. The hay used in this treat is even hand selected so that your pet gets the best quality food available.


  • Natural Ingredients
  • Helps Teeth


  • Biscuits Can Be Hard

Vitakraft Rabbit Slims

Rabbit Slims are another healthy alternative to sugary treats. These treats are made with a variety of ingredients meant to entice your pet into healthy snacking.

Skins are a light snack perfect for keeping your pet on a diet. The natural ingredients make it easy to digest for rabbits with a sensitive digestive tract.

This treat is made with a combination of carrots and grains. These treats are completely made in the USA to guarantee your rabbit is getting the best ingredients possible.


  • Light Snack
  • Great For A Sensitive Stomach
  • Made In The USA


  • Some Picky Eaters Don’t Like It

Ware Manufacturing Large Rice Pops

Using rice pops is a great solution for those that want to get closer to their pet. This treat is a great choice if you’re going to begin hand feeding your rabbit.

These pops are made of natural ingredients that help promote proper dental health. Rice pops are irresistible to most rabbits and make a great choice for training.

These pops are made with natural ingredients, including rice and corn, that are safe for your pet. Rice Pops do come in several different sizes so that all animals can enjoy them.


  • Several Sizes
  • Helps Dental Health


  • Recently Change Formula


Apple FruitHaving a healthy rabbit means a variety in their diet that is natural and healthy for them. A fruit that many rabbit owners tend to gravitate towards are apples.

Apples do have a bit of sugar in them that can be damaging to your pets digestive tract. Even completely organic apples should never be given to a pet on the daily.

Apples at most can be given to your rabbit a couple of times a week in small measured out portions. The apples must always be cut up and washed off before offering to your pet.

The seeds and stems of an apple are harmful to rabbits. Both the apple seed and stem contain a chemical that are poisonous to rabbits and can be fatal in some cases.

The skin of an apple is a fine and tasty treat for your pet. Just make sure to take extra precautions when preparing apples for your rabbit.


  • Natural
  • Rabbits Love Them


  • Seeds And Stem Are Poisonous
  • High In Sugar

Higgins Sunburst Veggie Stix Gourmet Treats

Higgins made a healthy treat that your rabbit can enjoy daily. This veggie stix have been made to increase the foraging instinct in your pet and can be hidden in the cage.

The sticks give off a strong aroma that your bunny can track down. This helps to alleviate boredom while rewarding your rabbit for good behavior.

These treats are made out of a mix of alfalfa hay, beets, and carrots. This brand uses no artificial, so the treats do expire faster.


  • Healthy
  • Made For Foraging
  • No Preservatives


  • Expires Faster Than Other Brands

Vita-Licious Essentials – Natural Herbal Treats

Vita-Licious is a brand that wants to make some of the most natural food possible for your pet. The treats aim is to bring more variety into your rabbit’s diet to balance meals out.

The treat acts as a supplement that helps provide support to your rabbit’s digestive tract, liver, and heat. This treat is made to be given daily to your pet.

The treat is made from wild herbs and flowers that are pet safe. The formula contains several natural supplements and vitamins like A, Zinc, and potassium.


  • Supplement Treat
  • Natural Herbs
  • Loaded With Vitamins


  • Dusty Treat

Rosewood Pet Fenugreek Crunchies

Rosewood Pet is another brand that focuses on crafting truly healthy treats for your rabbit. Their treats avoid using ingredients that have negative effects on the digestive tract.

This treat has no sugar in it and uses vitamins, minerals, and high amounts of fiber. The ingredients are even collected from a meadow in Germany.

These treats are infused with a natural stimulant to get your rabbits stomach growling. These are the perfect treats to appetize a healthier diet with added vitamins your pet needs.


  • Vitamins and Supplements
  • Completely Natural
  • Enticing Ingredients


  • Can Be Messy 


CarrotsEveryone has heard that rabbits eat carrots, pretty much every illustration of the pets have them munching on this vegetable. Feeding rabbits carrots is a little different in reality.

In the wild rabbits don’t eat root vegetables like carrots. Feeding rabbits carrots is a captive commodity that humans invented up after giving them a carrot as a treat.

As such, there are some rules to feeding your pet carrots. For starters, carrots are full of starch and sugar two things that need to be highly limited in your rabbit’s diet.

When giving carrots, consider only giving them once to twice a week. Any more than this can lead to diarrhea and future health problems with your pets digestive tract.

That being said, rabbits do love carrots, and it can be an excellent bonding treat. Carrots can even be used as a super treat in tight situations with your rabbit like an escape.


  • Enticing To Rabbits
  • Great Bonding Treat


  • High In Sugar And Starch

Oxbow Simple Rewards Veggie Treats

Oxbow is a leader in healthy animal food brands that takes correct nutrition seriously. The Oxbow brand is commonly found in many pet stores and loved by rabbit owners.

Veggie treats are a great tool to reward and train your rabbit without feeling their bodies with junk food. Everything about these treats in naturally formulated to be given daily.

These treats use a combination of both vegetables and greens to make up a tasty stick. They even have a balanced protein to fiber ration that fits your rabbit’s needs.


  • Several Flavors
  • Made To Be Given Daily
  • Great Training Reward


  • Some Rabbits Don’t Enjoy Them

Oxbow Simple Rewards Fruit Treats

Oxbow also has a wonderful line of sweet treats for picky rabbits who just don’t want veggies. These treats are still made with healthy ingredients that are good for your rabbit.

You can get a variety of these treats that include strawberries, cranberries, and apples. The fruits are freeze-dried into small chunks that portion ready for your pet.

Each package of fruits treats is made from 100% real fruit, no mystery ingredients included. The treats have antioxidants, and vitamin C naturally included.


  • Portion Ready
  • Antioxidants
  • Real Fruit


  • Lots Of Sugar

F.M. Brown’s Tropical Carnival Fruit & Nut Small Animal Treat

F.M. Brown’s treats are a great choice if you want to encourage foraging behavior in your rabbit’s cage. The treats are small, easy to hide and give off a strong aroma.

The treats also come in other flavors that tropical so that every pet can find their favorite. This blend uses fruits like mangos and papayas to create an interesting mix.

These treats are completely produced and packed in the USA for quality assurance. Just be warned that some rabbits may be put off by the very unique ingredient mix.


  • Interesting Mix
  • Foraging Treat
  • Made In The USA


  • Unique Food May Put Off Rabbits


Mint is a surprising treat for rabbits that many owners tend to overlook. As weird as giving mint to your pet may sound, this is one of the best greens for their diets.

Mint leaves are especially enticing to rabbits thanks to the rich aroma they put off. The herb not only safe and healthy for humans, but they can be good for a rabbit’s digestive tract as well.

When giving your rabbit mint, it’s best to grow it yourself. By growing organic mint, you can guarantee that there are no pesticides or harmful chemicals used on the plant.

Organic mint plants are often sold in grocery stores and grow rather quickly. Make sure to only give your rabbit fresh mint a couple of times a week to avoid health issues.

When given to much mint a rabbit can end up with diarrhea.


  • Natural Herb
  • Not Dangerous When Given Correctly


  • Must Grow Yourself


strawberriesStrawberries are another popular treat you often see mixed into commercials blends. Even better rabbits seem to be instantly attracted to the aroma strawberries put off.

A rabbit can be fed both the fruit and the plant part of the strawberry. This makes growing your own strawberry garden a great way to treat your rabbit.

Like with most fruits, strawberries need to be organic and rinsed off before being offered to your pet. Make sure to cut the fruit into small portion sized pieces for your rabbit.

Strawberries are high in sugar and should not be given more than a couple of times a week. This fruit does provide antioxidants and vitamin C.


  • Attracts Rabbits
  • Plant And Fruit Are Both Edible


  • Too Much Sugar


Like with carrots beets are a root vegetable that rabbits don’t naturally consume in the wild. Beets are also seen in many retail treats but are bad in large doses.

Rabbits due tend to enjoy being given the occasional treat though. Beets can be given occasionally to rabbits, but no more than once to twice a week.

Beets should only be fed to your rabbit washed off and free of pesticides. With beets, you will need to find an organic seller that doesn’t use harmful chemicals in the growing process.

Additionally, stems and leaves from a plant can be a good source of nutrients. These should also be given in small doses, but are better than the vegetable itself.


  • Stems And Leaves Can Be Eaten
  • Rabbits Enjoy Them


  • High In Sugar

Related Questions:

Can I feed my rabbit tropical fruits? Yes, you can feed organic tropical fruits in small doses.

What percent of a rabbits diet should treats make up? A rabbits diet should only be made up of 5% to 10% of treats in total; any more can cause health issues.

What are some alternative treats for my rabbit? If you want an alternative then give your rabbit hay cubes, they are healthy and promote chewing activity.

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