7 Climbing Toys for Hamsters Under $20

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It’s no mystery that hamsters love to climb. Toys are essential to making sure your hamster gets enough exercise and lives a healthy and happy life.

A hamster wheel is likely to be the main source of exercise but they should also be supplemented with other toys, chews, and tunnels. Your hamster will love to chew wooden toys and will need to be replaced occasionally.

Plastic toys can be problematic as your hamster may chew these, so when first introducing them into your hamster’s cage you need to treat them with caution and keep a close eye on them to make sure they aren’t chewing them.

These are the 7 best climbing toys that I use in my own hamster’s cage and will occasionally order new ones once they get chewed or worn.

1. 7 Pack Wooden Climbing Kit

This 7 pack accessory kit is great for all types of small rodents. Each individual piece has been made from natural wood that is safe and non-toxic for your hamster. They are completely safe for your hamster to chew and climb on.

The chew toys come from natural apple tree blocks that have a sweet organic taste with no pesticides. They are great for your fluffy friend to grind their teeth on and perfect for making sure their teeth don’t grow too long.

The kit comes with a ladder that they can climb, a seesaw, a swing that hangs from their cage, a small bell roller, dumbbell, unicycle, and apple tree blocks.

Overall this 7 pack kit is great for your hamster and will provide them with entertainment when bored. Perfect for pet owners who love toys.

2. Wooden Swing and Platform

This is one of my favorite hamster climbing toys as it can provide a platform to put their treats on. Although it looks great inside their cage my hamster absolutely loves it.

The set comes with a ladder and swing that is made from natural beech wood without any coating which makes it perfect for gnawing and climbing. You don’t have to worry about your hamster grinding their teeth on it.

It can be easily installed inside their cage and looks great. The only downside of this product is that you have to assembly yourself as it comes flat packed.

3. Wood Ladder Platform

Just like all the climbing toys on this list, this wooden ladder platform uses safe pet materials. What’s great about this toy is that it’s incredibly easy to clean and is resistant to odors. It is easy to assemble and can be attached to the most cages.

It has an easy to climb ladder and makes a great place for your pet to sleep or play. It can also be used for a platform to place your hamster’s treats on.

It has some great reviews with photos so make sure to check them out before purchasing this toy for your hamster.

4. Small Hamster Hide Out

This small hamster hideout with a two-layer wooden hut is great because not only can your hamster climb up the stairs, it also provides them with a hideout that helps promotes nesting.

It is also wooden which is great for helping your hamster’s teeth stay short. Hamsters teeth are constantly growing, so they need wooden objects to gawn on to stop them from getting too long.

This wooden hideout comes fully assembled and uses natural wood that is safe for animals. It has a feeding trough on the front side of the house that can be used for treats and foods. It can also be folded up to save space.

5. Hamster Suspension Ladder

When i first tried to find a hamster suspension ladder for my hamster, it took me a while to find one that is good quality and wouldn’t break. I came across this listing on Amazon that had fantastic reviews and ordered it straight away.

Just like all the other products on this list, this suspension ladder is made of natural wood that is safe for hamsters to gawn on. It’s a great toy as it provides your hamster with a safe toy that they can climb up. It promotes exercise and can help develop coordination and balance skills.

It can be also be mounted onto bar cages and can fold up to fit into smaller places (look at the product images on Amazon for a more detailed photo)

6. Wooden Cage Bridge

Similar to the suspension bridge but not as tall and can be placed inside any cage. The suspension bridge (listing above) can only be used on bar caged or a cage that allows it to be hooked onto something.

This natural bridge is great for all small rodents and can be used a climbing frame. It uses safe materials for hamsters and isn’t too tall so you don’t have to worry about your hamster falling off it and hurting themselves.

It is properly more suitable for larger cages as it can take up some space. It’s a great toy that has lots of good reviews and provides your hamster with a toy to climb up.

7. Fan Shaped Wooden Platform

The last product on this list is the fan-shaped wooden platform that your hamster can nest, rest and eat from. It fits into most cages and satisfies your hamster’s natural instincts as it’s above ground level which makes it ideal for them to sleep on.

It uses natural pinewood material that is safe and nontoxic for all different species of hamsters. This natural wood makes it ideal for them to gawn on.

The only fault with this platform is that it’s a little smaller, so it would suit smaller hamsters better. Other than that it’s a great addition to any hamster cage and provides them with a safe platform for your hamster to sit on.

If you’re looking for more toys for your hamster cage, I have written a great article on the best 10 toys for your hamster cage. Some of these toys are over $20 but make a superb addition to your hamster cage.

Related Questions:

Why is my hamster climbing the cage? The main reason they’re climbing the bars of their cage is to try to escape, this often happens when their cage is too small or when they’re bored.

why is my hamster chewing the bars? Hamsters teeth are constantly growing and it helps keep their teeth short. This can also be a sign of stress, boredom or if their cage is too small.

Why is my hamster chewing the water bottle? Hamsters like to chew plastic and wood as it helps keep their teeth short as they are constantly growing. You can try replacing the water bottle with a different type of bottle that is a different material.

Charlotte Silcock

Charlotte lives in the United Kingdom and has worked in animal shelters looking after small animals. She owns a hamster as well as a dog and a cat and hopes to spread her knowledge about rodents to help other pet owners.

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