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14 Best Chinchilla Bedding: Buyers Guide

Providing your chinchilla with safe and soft bedding is essential for keeping them happy. Choosing the right bedding can also significantly help with odor control and stop your chinchilla’s cage from smelling.

If you are unsure about what type of bedding to use for your chinchilla’s cage we have listed 14 of the best chinchilla beddings currently available, as well as a shortlist of types of beddings you should avoid.

The Best Types Of Chinchilla Bedding

Anti-Pill Fleece Liners

[amazon box=”B07KPPXJZW” rating=”4″]
Luckily most chinchillas don’t like to chew fleece liners which makes it a great material for your chinchilla’s bedding as its very soft, can easily be washed and is reuseable (which will save you a lot of money!).

When choosing a fleece liner you want to avoid the very fluffy blanket type liners as you need a material that can easily be swept. The fluffy type liner are much harder to clean and take longer to dry.

When using fleece make sure you add a couple of absorbent layers or towels under the fleece so that it can absorb all the moistures.

Fleece tends to shrink when you wash it on high temperatures. if you have a washing machine make sure you wash it on a cold setting otherwise it is likely to come out smaller. If you don’t have a washing machine you can hand wash them.

It is best to use an unscented washing deodorant as it’s less likely to irritate your chinchilla’s skin or eyes.

You will also need to make sure you air dry them as tumble dryings will shrink the material. Luckily fleece doesn’t take very long to dry.

You can get relatively inexpensive anti-pill fleece liners.

Pros Cons
Soft Shrinks when washed on high temperatures
Not as absorbent as other beddings
Most chinchillas don’t want to chew fleece
Reuseable, save you money in the long run

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Fresh News Paper Small Bedding

[amazon box=”B0084B61SW” rating=”4″]

This bedding from Fresh News is made from recycled paper that is biodegradable and compostable. It contains baking soda to help neutralize odors when it becomes wet.

As well as being effective at odor control, Fresh News Bedding is able to soak up liquids effectively. This will help prevent your chinchilla’s cage from getting too smelly!

The bedding is soft to make it comfortable on your chinchilla’s feet. It is also pretty lightweight, so your chinchilla should have no issue building a nest with it.

This bedding also has excellent reviews.

Pros Cons
Soft material Can be a little dusty
Contains baking soda for good odor control
Good absorbency

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Kaytee Aspen Bedding

[amazon box=”B0002DK8PW” rating=”4.5″]
Aspen wood shavings are a good bedding for chinchillas as they are a much safer alternative to cedar or pine wood shavings.

Kaytee Aspen bedding is ideal for chinchillas as it made from natural aspen wood and hasn’t been formulated with aromatic oils or inks.

The bedding has been processed to minimize dust and other debris. It has good absorbency and is able to control odors fairly well.

Kaytee are selling this bedding in different sizes.

This bedding is also biodegradable, which is a plus!

Pros Cons
Made without aromatic oils or inks Texture is a little rough
Good odor control Slightly higher in dust than other products

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Small Pet Select Natural Paper Bedding

[amazon box=”B01CPO7JW0″ rating=”4.5″]
Made from unbleached and unprinted paper, the Small Pet Select Natural Bedding is great to use in your chinchilla’s habitat.

It is 100% safe and formulated without any harmful chemicals or additives. Every bag expands 3x in volume from its original packaged size.

This means you get a lot of bedding for your money, so it should last a fairly long time.

The bedding is extremely soft, comfortable, and relatively dust-free. It is also effective at soaking up moisture and can control bad smells fairly well.

You can buy this on Amazon in different sizes.

Pros Cons
Made from unprinted and unbleached paper Not as effective at odor control as other beddings
Very soft
Good absorbency
Relatively dust-free

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Vitakraft Fresh World Strength Crumble Bedding For Small Animals

[amazon box=”B019Z9XTTA” rating=”4.5″]
Vitakraft’s Fresh World Bedding is an excellent substrate option for chinchillas. It is made from 100% recycled paper that is very soft.

The bedding is 99.5 dust-free, which means it shouldn’t irritate your chinchilla’s respiratory system.

One of the best features about this bedding is it is able to control odors for up to 14 days. Compared to other brands, this is impressive and should keep your chinchilla’s cage smelling much cleaner.

Vitakraft Fresh World Bedding expands 3x upon contact with liquid, so it is able to mop up moisture very well to ensure your chinchilla’s habitat stays dry.

Lastly, this bedding is biodegradable and compostable.

It comes in two sizes of 56L and 178L.

Pros Cons
Biodegradable Can be a bit messy
Excellent odor control
5% dust-free

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Carefresh Complete Pet Bedding

[amazon box=”B00W5TEIDO” rating=”4″]
Although this variety of Carefresh is targeted for rabbits and guinea pigs, it is also suitable for other small pets, including chinchillas.

Any variety of Carefresh is a great option for chinchillas as it is made from reclaimed pulp waste that is completely safe for small animals.

Due to its soft and pillow-like texture, Carefresh bedding is great for your chinchilla to snuggle down and nest in. Chinchillas require a bedding that is comfortable, so Carefresh is a good option.

The bedding is relatively dust-free, so it shouldn’t irritate your chinchilla’s respiratory system. It can also retain up to 2x more moisture than wood shavings.

This makes it effective at mopping up liquids and ensuring your chinchilla has a nice dry environment to live in.

Carefresh bedding is able to retain odors for up to 10 days, which means your chinchilla’s habitat will smell fresher for longer.

As this Carefresh bedding is targeted for rabbits and guinea pigs, the fibers are 25% bigger than their other varieties to make it easier to build nests with. This should be plenty big enough for chinchillas too!

This bedding comes in four different sizes (23L, 30L, 50L, and 60L).

Pros Cons
Very soft material Can be a bit dusty (depending on batch)
Large fibers – great for building nests with!
Made from recycled paper

Check price on Amazon

Living World Wood Aspen Shavings

[amazon box=”B0035HCZX0″ rating=”4″]
If you’re looking for high-quality aspen wood shavings to use in your chinchilla’s cage, then Living World are a great example.

Made from 100% natural aspen wood, the shavings are hypoallergenic and ate ideal for chinchillas with respiratory sensitivities.

The shavings are biodegradable and are able to absorb up to 4x their weight in liquid, so they should have no issue soaking up any spillages in your chinchilla’s habitat.

Living World Aspen Shavings are capable of controlling odors pretty well, so they should help your chinchilla’s cage and your home smell fresher for longer.

You also get a good amount of bedding for your money, so the bag should last you for quite some time.

Pros Cons
Good absorbency Shavings can be a bit scratchy/rough
Good value

Check price on Amazon

RentACoop Hemp Bedding

[amazon box=”B075SP4X2W” rating=”4.5″]
Hemp is a popular substrate for animals like chickens and horses but is also perfectly safe for chinchillas.

The hemp used in this bedding is free of pesticides and insecticides, so it won’t harm your chinchilla. This bedding is biodegradable and compostable too!

It is able to soak up moisture very well and is fairly effective at odor control. The texture of this hemp bedding is very soft, making it comfortable on your chinchilla’s feet.

This bedding is a little more expensive than other brands, but it its effectiveness at absorbing liquids is well worth the price tag.

A 300L bag of RentACoop can be bought on Amazon.

Pros Cons
Great absorbency Can be a little dusty
Soft A little pricey

Check price on Amazon

Critter Care Paper Bedding

[amazon box=”B00D9DTZDI” rating=”4″]
Critter Care Paper Bedding is made from reclaimed cellulose fiber that is free from inks, dyes, and solvents. The material is very soft and pillow-like, so your chinchilla will enjoy snuggling down in it!

The bedding is hypoallergic and should not irritate your chinchilla’s nose or lungs.

It has good odor control and is able to retain the ammonia found in your chinchilla’s urine to help prevent bad smells.

This bedding can soak up moisture well to keep your chinchilla’s habitat clean and dry. The light brown color of the bedding would look great in natural themed cages!

Pros Cons
Very soft Can be a bit dusty
Good absorbency
Great odor control

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Sunseed Shredded Aspen Bedding

[amazon box=”B0002ASMN0″ rating=”3″]
Sunseed’s aspen bedding has been shredded to make it extra soft and comfortable for your chinchilla.

It is absorbent and doesn’t contain any overpowering scents. The bedding goes through a multi-step screening process to get rid of as much dust and debris as possible.

The bedding is natural and is able to lock in odors well to stop your chinchilla’s habitat from becoming too smelly.

A 3200 cubic bag can be found on Amazon.

Pros Cons
Soft material Can be a bit messy
Good odor control
Not very dusty

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Living World Fresh’n Comfy Bedding

[amazon box=”B0035HBGR6″ rating=”5″]
This bedding from Living World is made from recycled paper and magazines. The texture of the bedding is soft and comfortable, making it a cozy and warm for your chinchilla.

No scented oils or phenols are used in Living World Fresh’n Comfry Bedding, so it is safe for your chinchilla and will not harm them.

Baking soda is included in the formula of the bedding to make it effective at controlling odor. Baking soda helps neutralize bad odors, which should make your chinchilla’s environment smell much cleaner.

The bedding is also good at absorbing moisture to ensure your chinchilla’s habitat stays hygienic and dry.

The bedding is dyed bright blue and is sure to spruce up and add a bit of color to your chinchilla’s cage.

A 20-liter bag can be found on Amazon.

Pros Cons
Soft and cozy material A little pricey
Contains baking soda to help eliminate odors
Good absorbency

Check price on Amazon

GuineaDad Fleece Liners

[amazon box=”B076D27KNB” rating=”4.5″]
These fleece liners are targeted for guinea pigs, but they would also be perfect for chinchillas.

The liners are made up of bamboo fiber and fleece. The bamboo fiber is absorbent and waterproof, whilst the fleece is warm and soft to keep your chinchilla comfortable.

A burrow pocket is attached to the fleece, which your chinchilla is sure to enjoy snuggling down and resting in.

Cleaning these liners is easy as they can be washed and then reused. This makes cleaning your chinchilla’s cage a lot simpler and quicker as you can just throw the liners in the washing machine and replace them with clean ones.

The liners are also anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-microbial, and dust-free, so they would work great with chinchillas who are allergic to other types of bedding.

As well as being super absorbent, these liners can lock in odors fairly well to keep your chinchilla’s habitat smelling fresh.

These liners can be reused and washed, so they are good to invest in if you want to save a bit of money in the long-run!

If you plan on using these liners for your chinchilla, make sure you keep an eye on them to make sure they do not chew or eat the fabric.

Pros Cons
Absorbent Not the best for odor control
Can be washed and reused
Very soft material
Good investment

Check price on Amazon

Kaytee Soft Granule Blend Bedding

[amazon box=”B000JLPIWU” rating=”4.5″]
Another bedding by Kaytee, this soft granule blend bedding is highly absorbent and will hold 3x it’s weight. Which makes it a perfect solution for your chinchilla’s bedding.

This is a great alternative for people who have sensitive noses as it’s unscented and is 99.9% dust-free, making it perfect for people with allergies.

On the review section of this product on Amazon, link here, some users have mentioned that the product smells very clean and has a very neutral smell that makes the room smell fresh and refreshing.

The only downside of this product is that it can often stick to your chinchilla’s fur, which made some people not want to use this bedding.

This bedding also comes in lavender and orange-scented version. Although some people may like scented bedding as it has great odor control, there have been reports of scented beddings not being suitable for chinchillas or small pets as it can cause irritation. If you do decide to try the scented versions, it might be a good idea to start off by placing small amounts in their cages.

Pros Cons
Good absorbent Can stick to fur easily
99.9% dust-free
Smells refreshing

Check price on Amazon

Carefresh Complete Confetti

[amazon box=”B00U9O3K04″ rating=”4″]
This Carefresh is similar bedding to the Carefresh Custom but has comes in a confetti version that has all sorts of different colors. Which can make your chinchilla’s bedding look more appealing.

Just like the custom version is has a 10-day odor control period, the ability to absorb 3x more moisture than wood shavings and is 99% dust-free which makes it really easy to clean up.

A lot of reviews on Amazon, link here, say it has made a significant difference to their cage’s smells and has a lot of positive feedback.

It comes in a smaller bag that will expand to 23 L once opened, which is enough to last you for a while.

This bedding can be bought from, link here.

Pros Cons
10-day odor control A little pricey compared to other bedding options
99.9% dust-free

Check price on Amazon

What Chinchilla Bedding to Avoid

There is an abundance of small animal beddings on the market, but some of them are not suitable for chinchillas and should be avoided.

The bedding types listed below are not recommended for chinchillas.

Pine/cedar wood shavings

Pine and cedarwood shavings are one of the most common bedding types for small animals, but that doesn’t mean they are good.

Pine and cedarwood shavings should be avoided as they can contain harmful chemicals and oils that can be dangerous to your chinchilla. They are also very dusty, unabsorbent, and very rough in texture.

Both of these bedding types can cause respiratory distress and allergies in chinchillas and other small animals, so it is best to avoid these risks by not using it!

Cat litter

Most types of cat litter should not be used for chinchillas, particularly clay-based or clumping ones. Cat litter is typically very dusty, which can irritate your chinchilla’s respiratory system.

They can also contain chemicals or scents that could harm your chinchilla.

If you looking for a litter to place in your chinchilla’s litter box or line the base of their cage, then opt for ones that are paper-based or are 100% safe to use for chinchillas.

Corn bedding

Corn cob bedding/litter is often targeted as a natural and safe substrate to use for small animals and chinchillas, but it should be avoided.

If eaten, corn cob bedding can expand and get stuck in your chinchilla’s digestive system, leading to internal blockage.

Not only can corn cob be dangerous if ingested by your chinchilla, but it can also become a breeding ground for bacteria.

Corn cob bedding rots very quickly when wet, which causes mold and bacteria to build up. Mold spores are incredibly toxic and can lead to a lot of health issues in chinchillas.

Corn cob bedding is also not very efficient at odor control and soaking up liquids.


Although chinchillas will love to nibble on straw, it has no absorbent ability so it won’t be able to absorb your chinchillas waste (urine/poop) and is likely to create a mess and a smelly environment for your chinchilla.

It is also quite hard and stiff which will be uncomfortable for your chinchilla.

Can You Use Newspaper For Chinchilla Bedding?

You shouldn’t be using newspaper in your chinchilla’s cage as inked newspaper might not be safe for the chinchilla to consume. Newspaper also isn’t very good at absorbing liquid such as water from a leaking water bottle or urine from your chinchilla.

When chinchillas eat paper it will also expand in their stomachs and cause digestion problems and isn’t very comfortable for your chinchilla to lie on.

It’s recommended to use some other form of bedding such as a fleece blanket.

Bedding needs to be completely safe for your chinchilla to consume, although if your chinchilla does start eating their bedding you should find an alternative product.

What about shredding paper bedding?

Just like paper bedding, shredding paper bedding won’t be a very good absorbent, and mainly for this reason it would be best to go for an alternative.

Can I use Tiles For My Chinchilla’s Bedding?

It is a good idea to put titles inside your chinchilla’s cage but you shouldn’t be using them for their main bedding. You should be using other types of beddings such as a fleece blanket or aspen shavings as they are much better at absorbing liquid and keeping the odor under control.

Stone titles are very good at keeping your chinchilla cool in the summer months as titles don’t conduct that much heat and are often colder than room temperature.

Some chinchillas love to lie on cold tiles when they are too hot as it cools them down.

How Much Bedding Does My Chinchilla Need?

You need to make sure that most of your chinchilla’s cage is covered in some form of clean, dry lining such as fleece, shredded aspen or suitable confetti bedding.

Bedding acts as an absorbent and a comfy surface that isn’t going to hurt your chinchilla’s feet.

The best types of beddings are ones that are:

  • Easy to clean
  • Soft
  • Safe for your chinchilla to consume
  • Can absorb large amounts of liquids
  • Doesn’t smell once they get dirty.

A lot of small pet bedding will have some form of odor control such as scented bedding or the ability to soak up extreme amounts of liquid.

You should also provide your chinchilla with a safe place to hide out such as boxes, tunnels, and tubes to play in.

Related Questions:

Can chinchillas live on their own? Yes, chinchillas can live on their own, but they do much better in pairs or small groups. Chinchillas are social animals, so if you only keep one, make sure you provide it with lots of attention.

How long do chinchillas live for? Chinchillas normally live for around 10 years in captivity. However, some sources claim that chinchillas can live for 15 or even 20 years!

Are chinchillas friendly? Yes, chinchillas can be very friendly as long they are properly socialized and tamed. Making sure you start taming your chinchilla from a young age to help it become accustomed to handling and touch.

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