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10 Best Toys For Your Hamster (Review and Buyers Guide)

Hamster owners know how playful and full of energy their furry friends can be. Being active as they are, they require constant physical and mental stimulation to stay happy and healthy.

Playing with toys should be a vital part of their daily routine. With that in mind, we have selected a few of the best toys for hamsters on the market.

Best Toys for a Hamster

Now that you know what hamster toy options can be found on the market, it is time to take a look at the very best of them.

Niteangel Natural Living Tunnel System

[amazon box=”B00OW6ZO9U” rating=”4.5″]

Hamsters love a good place to retreat for a while. This is especially important if you have a new hamster. They are often shy at first until they get comfortable around their new owners. This two-story house can be a perfect hiding place for your furry friend.

This toy is equipped with two houses, a tunnel between them and a bunch of different climbing and hiking sections. It is a stylish toy, made completely out of wood, which requires a lot of craftsmanship and care to build. It’s so complex that it looks like an entertainment center for hamsters.

While this is suitable for all types of hamsters, it is perhaps better tailored for bigger breeds, like Syrian hamsters. The dimensions of this house stand at 18.5 x 5.9 x 8.7 inches (47 x 15 x 22 cm), so make sure that it can fit in the cage before you buy it.

Key Features:

Completely made of wood, so your hamster can chew it safely

Many hiding, climbing and running sections

Beautifully crafted

WINOMO Pet Hammock

[amazon box=”B01NAPQIGL” rating=”4″]

Taking a nap in a hammock is not just a dream of many humans because animals love to rest in a cozy, swinging bed as well. This hammock is not only a great place for your pet hamster to sleep because it can serve as a toy as well.

The hammock has a very soft, plush texture to provide comfort for your hamster. It has a firm structure with impeccable stitching for long-lasting use. This toy is sturdy because it hangs from 4 clip chains made to resist corrosion and which are removable to ensure portability.

Hammock size is approximately 8 x 8 x 4.7 inches (20 x 20 x 12 cm), which is big enough to house some bigger rodents as well, like guinea pigs, chinchillas, mice, rats and squirrels.

Key Features:

Can be used as both a toy and a bed

Big enough to fit pet rodents larger than a hamster

Comfortable, durable and portable

Hkim Hamster Maze

[amazon box=”B0773LKHSD” rating=”3.5″]

As you are probably aware, hamsters love mazes. A maze is not only a great way to cure boredom in hamsters but also a perfect mental stimulation for them. The natural wood used to build this maze guarantees safety and allows your hamster to chew on the toy freely.

The maze comes with 13 compartments and 16 entrances/exits. The entrances have a 1.5-inch diameter (3.8 cm), so this toy is not really suitable for big, Syrian hamsters. However, since it is chewable, your hamster may chew on it to make the entrance big enough for himself.

The craftsmanship of the maze is outstanding. If you purchase it, you get one maze and one acrylic glass cover. The dimensions of the labyrinth are 9.8 x 9.8 x 2.8 inches (25 x 25 x 7 cm).

Key Features:

13 compartments and 16 entrances/exits

Made of natural wood, so it’s safe to chew on

Wonderful craftsmanship

Exotic Nutrition Silent Runner Exercise Wheel

[amazon box=”B019RH7PPE” rating=”4.5″]

One of the main problems of hamster wheels comes from the fact that they are noisy and since hamsters are nocturnal animals, they can often disrupt the owner’s sleep. Well, this silent wheel takes care of that problem efficiently with its ball-bearing technology.

This exercise wheel comes with a solid running surface without pinch areas. The textured tracks allow for a strong grip and prevent slipping. The wheel comes without a center axle to eliminate the risk of tail entanglement.

This wheel is around 9 inches (23 cm) tall, 10 inches (25 cm) high, and has a track that’s 2.5 inches (6.35 cm) wide, which makes it suitable for smaller hamsters. However, if you need a wheel for a Syrian hamster, you can get this product in a bigger size, with a 12-inch (30 cm) diameter.

Key Features:

Completely silent

Safe running surface

Suitable for all types of hamsters and other pet rodents

Kaytee Run-About 7″ Hamster Exercise Ball

[amazon box=”B0002AS8PM” rating=”4″]

If you like to get your hamster something besides the wheel to provide the same level of exercise, hamster balls are the way to go. This particular ball has a 7-inch (17.8 cm) diameter, which makes it ideal for hamsters of any size, as well as gerbils and other small animals.

This ball provides a safe outlet for your hamster’s excess energy but it is also a perfect temporary place to keep your hamster while you clean his cage. The ball is made from clear plastic so you can always see what your pet is doing.

If you don’t already have the Kaytee Hamtrac, get one as well so you can let your hamster run freely in the ball without worrying about his whereabouts and safety. But don’t forget to limit your pet’s exercise sessions to 15-20 minutes so he doesn’t get overworked.

Key Features:

Provides a safe and fun outlet for exercise

Suitable for hamsters, gerbils, and other small animals

Can be used on the Kaytee Hamtrac Exercise Loop

Niteangel Wooden Hamster Tunnel

[amazon box=”B00OW44P56″ rating=”4.5″]

This is another perfect toy for your pet hamster to hide if he is too shy. It will also provide him with mental stimulation and crawling opportunities, in addition to being safe to chew on because it is made of natural wood.

It is basically a large, hollow log with nine holes on both sides of the tunnel to allow your hamster to enter and exit at multiple points. The log itself is thick and durable, which means that your pet will need some time to chew it through.

This toy tunnel has dimensions of 7.9″x2.8″x2.8″ (20 x 7 x 7 cm) and it is perfect for hamsters and mice. You can stuff this tunnel with hay or treats to provide additional stimulation for your hamster.

Key Features:

Perfect fit for hamsters and mice

Provides an outlet for crawling, hiding, and chewing

Has 9 entrances/exits

Kaytee Perfect Chews for Hamsters

[amazon box=”B0040HFQGM” rating=”4″]

This colorful chew toy for hamsters includes many different shapes as well. Your hamster will be able to choose from 10 pieces of wooden balls, blocks, wheels, and logs but whatever he chooses first, he will certainly go through the entire chew toy.

The toy comes with a metal hook so it can hang with ease in any cage or habitat. The versatility of shapes and sizes these toys have ensures that hamsters of any sizes can chew on them safely.

This is a disposable toy, so you can just throw it away after your hamster is done with it. While this set of chews is easily devoured and probably won’t last for a long time, it also comes at a very affordable price, so you can just replace it quickly.

Key Features:

Provides a safe chewing outlet to keep your hamster’s teeth trimmed and healthy

Suitable for hamsters of all sizes

Comes at a fair price

Niteangel Wooden Ladder Bridge

[amazon box=”B01AHILXSM” rating=”4.5″]

Hamsters love to climb on ladders and bridges and this small, flexible wooden bridge allows you to bend it and make any shape you like. If you get a few of these bridges you will be able to alter the look of your hamster’s habitat at any time in order to keep your pet interested and curious.

Of course, your hamster will also love the fact that it’s made out of wood and that he can chew on it if he likes. But don’t worry; it will take him some time to chew enough of it to make it unusable.

This bridge has dimensions of approximately 9 x 4.2 inches (23 x 11 cm), which makes it suitable for hamsters of any size. The bridge can also be shaped into a domed shelter and make a cozy nest for your hamster.

Key Features:

Made out of wood, so it’s safe to chew on

Bendable to give you a chance to make multiple different shapes

Can be used for climbing, chewing and nesting

Trixie Suspension Bridge with Hammock

[amazon box=”B000V9KIY8″ rating=”4″]

This intriguing toy combines two toys into one – it is both a suspension-style bridge and a hammock. The bridge, or a vertical ladder, in this case, is made of wood, while the hammock combines nylon for the outer layer and lamb fur for the inner layer to ensure both a stylish appearance and comfort.

This toy also includes a rope ladder and a rope ring with a small, wooden block to offer additional exploring areas and stimulate your hamster’s curiosity further.  Since it hangs from the top of the cage at approximately 4.5” (11.5 cm), this toy is better suited for tall cages.

Hamsters of any size, as well as other small animals like mice and even rats, can use this set to climb, explore and hang out in the hammock.

Key Features:

A set that includes a wooden bridge, a hammock, and a rope ladder and ring

Suitable for hamsters and other small rodents

Can be used to climb, chew on the wooden parts and sleep in the hammock

Pever Pack of 5 Hamster Chew Toys

[amazon box=”B077VLXCTG” rating=”4.5″]

If you are looking for a chewing toy for your hamster, this set comes with 5 different objects your pet can gnaw at. The pack comes with one small and one large bell roller, a small unicycle, a small bark watermelon ball, and a small dumbbell – all made out of pine wood.

With so many chewing options at his disposal, your hamster will remain interested in these toys for a long time. This safe chewing option will keep your pet’s teeth well-grinded and healthy.

This set is applicable to hamsters, Guinea pigs, chinchillas and other small rodents that require regular chewing entertainment.

Key Features:

Keeps your hamster’s teeth healthy and trim

Comes with 5 well-crafted, wooden items

Suitable for hamsters and other small rodents

Our selection of top 10 toys for a hamster should present you with enough options to choose from but there are many other options you can explore on the web.

Types of Toys for Hamsters

Before we present our selection of toys for hamsters, let’s take a quick look at some of the different types of toys and their features.

Chew Toys

Hamsters are rodents, so they are naturally inclined to chew through almost anything. Gnawing at things is important for hamsters because their teeth are always growing and chewing on stuff can keep them worn down.

These toys provide them with a safe chewing outlet and prevent them from chewing on other objects. You can also use walnut shells or unpainted wood pieces for this purpose.


Probably the first toy on every hamster owner’s list is an exercise wheel. Hamsters enjoy running on them and they are the primary source of exercise for hamsters in captivity.

When you choose a wheel for your hamster, make sure that it’s big enough or your hamster’s back will be arched when he runs. Wheels that attach to the side of the cage are safer, as well as those that have a mesh or solid bottom instead of rungs.

Hamster Balls

Hamster balls are another great source of exercise for hamsters. They are usually made from plastic and come in two separate parts that you need to screw together. If you want your furry friend to enjoy his ball, ensure that he has enough room to roll across the floor.

While hamster balls can be a lot of fun, they can also be dangerous if used improperly. You need to choose a big enough ball for your hamster, make sure they are properly ventilated, and limit his playing time to about 20 minutes, among other things.

Other Toys

There are many more options for hamster toys that will provide them with entertainment and exercise. Things like tunnels, tubes, playpens, bridges, houses, ladders, swings, etc. will give your pet hamster a chance to climb, crawl and hide.

When you shop for hamster toys you should be careful with plastic toys, especially if you don’t have enough chew toys to deter your hamster from chewing on his plastic toys. While this doesn’t happen often, plastic can be dangerous for hamsters if ingested.


Toys are important for hamsters not just to keep them entertained but to keep them mentally stimulated, physically active and healthy.

When you shop for a hamster toy, you need to consider the type and size of your hamster and the type of the toy as well.

Look for toys that are made out of wood or other chewable materials since your pet will certainly try to chew on them, even if that’s not their primary purpose.

Avoid toys that may be toxic to hamsters or toys that can easily break apart when chewed on because they can present a choking hazard.

Related Questions:

Do hamsters need toys? Hamsters need chew toys since their teeth are constantly growing and they need a way to trim them. Chew toys are great because your hamster will use them to grind their teeth down before they get too long.

How can I keep my hamster entertained? Giving your hamster an exercise wheel, chew toys and empty toilet paper rolls are great ways to make sure they are entertained.

How long should you let your hamster run in its ball? 20 to 30 minutes should be enough time. Judge whether they need more time by how excited your hamster seems. Make sure not to leave them in their ball for too long.

Charlotte lives in the United Kingdom and has worked in animal shelters looking after small animals. She owns a hamster as well as a dog and a cat and hopes to spread her knowledge about rodents to help other pet owners.
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